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About Kadachira

About KadachiraKadachira is located in the taluka Edakkad of Kannur district. It is placed on the northern part of Kerala and belongs to Kadambur block Panchayat. Being located at 13 km from Kannur and significantly nearer to Arabian Sea, Kadachira is quite important for transport and development of trade in this region. It is situated at the distance of 470 km from Thiruvananthapuram, the state capital of Kerala. It is encompassed by Kannur taluk from north, Thuneri taluk from east, and Thalassery taluk from south.

Administration in Kadachira

Kadachira is a small town in the district Kannur. It is administrated by the headquarters of Kannur. Public welfare and distribution of basic needs in civil society is the prominent objective of administration in Kadachira. They source all basic facilities including water supplies and sewerage management. They collect tax in the form of house tax, water tax etc. which is utilized as funds for resourcing all these facilities.

Geography of Kadachira

Kadachira is located on the state highway 38 which is connected to Kannur and other places via NH 17. This town is placed in the south eastern side of Kannur district which is also a developed city. The average elevation of Kadachira is 12 meters above the sea level.

Climate of Kadachira

Kadachira receives sub-tropical monsoon climate which commonly prevails in this part of India. Monsoons are stretched while winters are negligible. Summer average temperature is around 33 degrees but due to high humidity, it is hard to persist. Pre-monsoon, normal monsoon, and post monsoon brings heavy rains in this part which gives evergreen greenery to this region.

History of Kadachira

Chera Kingdom has ruled this region for many years in pre medieval period. Before that, the signs found in the region suggest that this location was inhabited since Neolithic age. In later parts of chronology, this region was strategically very important for trading. Rajas of Kolattiri have ruled this area and had good trade relations with Persians and Arab during the 12th and 13th century. Portuguese also had dominance in this part during the 15th and 16th century which was followed by Dutch power in the 17th century. Kingdom of Mysore and British had also ruled this place in the later periods of history.

Business and Economy of Kadachira

Agriculture is the major occupation for people living in the city of Kadachira. Arecanut, coconut, tapioca, cashew, pepper etc. are major crops of this region. Among all, paddy is largely cultivated in Kadachira. Plywood and timber industries are also found in this area along with few cotton textile mills in the vicinity of this town.

People in Kadachira

Kadachira is established with 4127 houses comprised with the population of 18979. Female sex ratio is quite high in this region and literacy rate is also significantly higher than the average of the state. People occupied in town basically belong to Hindu and Muslim community. Little part of population comprises of Christian followers.

Banking and Finance in Kadachira

Kadachira is appropriately filled with banking facilities as well. Few numbers of co operative banks and nationalized banks are found in this region. These banks are randomly situated at important locations to give their valuable financial support.

List of Banks in Kadachira

Kerala Gramin Bank
Address: Puthiyangadi, Koothuparamba-Chovva Bypass,
Puthiyatheru, Kadachira

State Bank of India
Address: Chovva Mambaram Road, Kadarchira, Kerala

Mawvanchery Co-operative Bank
Address: Puthiyangadi Koothuparamba - Chovva Bypass,
Kadachira, Mavilayi, Kerala 670621

The Chovva Co-Operative Rural Bank
Address: Puthiyangadi Koothuparamba - Chovva Bypass,
Kadachira, Mavilayi, Kerala 670621

Kadachira Bank
Address: Puthiyangadi Koothuparamba - Chovva Bypass,
Kadachira, Mavilayi, Kerala 670621

Healthcare Services in Kadachira

It is well organized with few numbers of hospitals, clinics, PHCs and private dispensaries for public health. Kadachira is located quite nearer to Kannur city. Hence, any emergency can be easily referred to big hospitals located there. Apart from such big issues, Kadachira has adequate medical facilities along with medical shops, ambulance services, and diagnostic centers.

Kadachira Primary Health Centre
Address: ChovvaMambaram Rd, Kadachira,
Kerala 670621

A.K.G Smaraka Hospital
Address: Peralassery, Kadachira Kerala

Alkhasna Hospital
Address: Chovva-Kuthuparamba Road, Mambaram,
Kadachira, Kerala 670622

Food in Kadachira

Restaurants in Kadachira serve Indian food and south Indian food. Roadside dhabas and stalls along the state highway 38 are among the best places to dine in this region. Local cuisines are also available for visitors at Kadachira.

Dwaraka Restaurant
Address: Moonampalam, Opp, A K G Rd,
Kadachira, Kerala 670622
Phone: 98477 11312

Tourism in Kadachira

People traveling to this part of Kerala would certainly get mesmerized with wonderful ambiance and conditions of Kadachira. Travelers can visit Sree Thrikkapalam Shiva Temple and mosque situated on the side of SH 38. Besides, Kadachira is blessed with incredible environment and striking places that contributes to the tourism of this city.

Accommodations in Kadachira

Accommodations are easy to get in and around the city of Kadachira. For budget accommodations, arrivals can take home stays or guest houses located in the town. People looking for sophisticated and luxurious stay in this region should try hotels located on the National Highway 17 that connects to Kannur town.

How to reach Kadachira

Kadachira by Train

Kannur South is the nearest railway station for Kadachira but Kannur Junction is main station for arriving from any part of country. Express, superfast, specials, and passenger trains along with locals are easily available from distinct destinations to reach Kadachira via Kannur.

Kadachira by Air

Kadachira is very soon getting excellent air connectivity via under-construction Kannur Airport located at a proximal distance. Currently, Kadachira is connected via Calicut Airport which is approximately 120 km away from here.

Kadachira by Road

Kadachira is exclusively connected with all parts of Kerala as well as country with the dense network of state and national highways. KSRTC has arranged various buses from different towns to reach Kadachira. It is one of the best medium to reach from adjoining areas of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

Postal and Courier Service in Kadachira

Kadachira is engraved with its own post office on the state highway 38. It is responsible to provide postal and courier services in this areas. They book parcel and enveloped letters for the rest of India. They are entrusted with the job of distributing incoming parcels and letters in Kadachira. The post office in Kadachira is offering other services as well that are aligned for social welfare security.

Kadachira Post Office
Address: ChovvaMambaram Rd, Kadachira, Kerala
Phone: 0497 282 0810
Pin Code: 670621

Telecommunication in Kadachira

BSNL is the major contributor in telecommunication facilities of Kadachira. It offers broadband, landline and mobile services in this part. However, Airtel and Vodafone are also providing uninterrupted GSM network in this part of Kerala.

Demographics of Kadachira

  • State: Kerala
  • District: Kannur
  • Population: 18979
  • Literacy: 97.71%
  • Sex Ratio: 1000/ 1182

  • E-mail

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